July 9

Shalom Sesame: Welcome to Israel

Tuesday, July 9 | 9:30am | JCC Hart Theater


Director: Sesame Workshop | 2011 | 25 min. | English

Grover goes to Israel with a new pal! It’s an adventure they’ll never forget – full of fun, friends, and flying falafel!

The Tobacconist

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Tuesday, July 9 | 11am | JCC Hart Theater


Director: Nikolaus Leytner | Austria, Germany | 2018 | 90 min. | German (w/ subtitles) | Narrative

Franz, a naïve 17-year-old, moves from his rural home to Vienna to work in a tobacco shop and soon falls for a beautiful, enigmatic young cabaret dancer. The film’s sole Jewish character is none other than Sigmund Freud (Bruno Ganz). One of the shop’s regular customers, Freud, becomes Franz’s unlikely friend and romantic advisor, helping him understand the mysteries of the human mind, heart—and dreams. But as the Nazis gain power, the personal becomes political and the characters face fateful moral decisions. This film contains mature content.

Witness Theater

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Tuesday, July 9 | 1:30pm | JCC Hart Theater


Director: Oren Rudavsky | USA | 2018 | 74 min. | English | Documentary

Witness Theater, now in its seventh year in New York, is an innovative intergenerational program bringing together Holocaust survivors and high school students to elicit, expose and memorialize the moving stories of survival. Through a guided drama therapy process, group members explore issues of war, loss and trauma while at the same time forming deep and meaningful relationships that dissolve the barriers between generations. The film engages viewers with its mix of cinema verité, archival footage, interviews and animation interspersed with scenes of the survivors at home.


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Tuesday, July 9 | 6pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Joseph Madmony and Boaz Yehonatan Yacov | Israel | 2018 | 104 min. | Hebrew (w/ subtitles) | Narrative

Menachem, a former front man for a rock band, is now a widower and a religious Jew. His dilemma: His six-year old daughter Geula is ill and he must find a way to fund the expensive treatments. His choice: Reunite the band for one last tour. The film digs into Menachem’s existential and everyday turmoil and the tensions between his past secular life and his current religious one. But saving his daughter (whose name is Hebrew for “redemption”) is a goal that supersedes all else. Finding a new connection to his past and to his music can pave the road to his own redemption—and his daughter’s hope for a future.

The Body Collector

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Tuesday, July 9 | 8:45pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Tim Oliehoek | Netherlands | 2016 | 143 min. | Dutch (w/ subtitles) | Narrative

The Body Collector is the dramatized true story of Dutch journalist Hans Knoop who discovered that powerful industrialist and art collector Pieter Menten had personally murdered Polish Jews during the war. Immensely wealthy and well connected, Menten denies the charges even as the evidence against him mounts. Combining elements of All the President’s Men and a gripping courtroom drama, the film follows the mild-mannered but steely and idealistic journalist as he searches for the facts while being stonewalled by bureaucrats, threatened by Menten, and undermined by a treacherous fellow reporter.

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