July 7

Amos Oz: The Nature of Dreams

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Sunday, July 7 | 1pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Yonathan and Masha Zur | Israel | 2009 | 86 min. | Hebrew, English (w/ subtitles) | Documentary

Amos Oz, who died in December 2018, was a bestselling Israeli writer, intellectual, and peace advocate. This gorgeous documentary covers a two-year period in Oz’s life during an international book tour for his wildly successful memoir, A Tale of Love and Darkness, published in 2005. The film takes viewers on a journey from pre-war Europe to the State of Israel’s beginnings to a peace demonstration where Oz delivers a profoundly moving, historic speech on the choices facing Israel. We see Oz, the veteran Peace Now activist walking in Jerusalem with Palestinian writer Sari Nusseibeh, visiting the cafes, bus stops and beaches of Tel Aviv, all the while asking whether reconciliation is possible. 

Chasing Portraits

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Sunday, July 7 | 3:30pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Elizabeth Rynecki | USA, Canada, Israel, Poland | 2018 | 78 min. | English, Polish (w/ subtitles) | Documentary

Before he died in the Holocaust, Polish artist Moshe Rynecki created close to eight hundred paintings and sculptures detailing the everyday lives of his Polish-Jewish community. When Poland was invaded by the Nazis, he left his works with friends for safekeeping. Yet after the war, his family found only a small number of them; the rest had been scattered around the world. Decades later, his great-granddaughter Elizabeth enlists the help of historians, curators, and art collectors to try to recover his extraordinary legacy. Written and directed by Elizabeth herself, spanning three decades of her life and three generations of her family, Chasing Portraits is a deeply moving documentary about the triumph of art over war and loss.


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Sunday, July 7 | 7pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Paula Eiselt | USA | 2018 | 85 min. | English, Yiddish, Hebrew (w/ subtitles) | Documentary



Set in the Hasidic enclave of Borough Park, Brooklyn, 93Queen follows Rachel “Ruchie” Freier, a no-nonsense Hasidic lawyer and mother of six who is determined to shake up the boys club in her community by creating Ezras Nashim, the first all-female ambulance corps in NYC. With unprecedented and insider access, 93Queen offers up a unique portrayal of a group of empowered women who are taking matters into their own hands to change their own community from within.


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