July 13

A Fortunate Man

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Saturday, July 13 | 6pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Bille August | Denmark | 2018 | 168 min. | Danish, German (w/ subtitles) | Narrative

In this sweeping tale of romance in 19th-century Denmark, Peter Sidenius runs away from the confines of his strict religious upbringing and his domineering father, a priest. He heads to Copenhagen where he and his engineering ideas find favor and support from the Salomons, a family of wealthy, Jewish industrialists. He soon finds himself in love with the beautiful, independent, and free-thinking Jakobe Salomon. In his quest for success, Peter makes choices that imperil that relationship while Jakobe discovers inner strength to engage in fighting social ills. Based on Danish writer Henrik Pontoppidan’s Nobel Prize-winning novel, and directed by Academy Award Winner Bille August, A Fortunate Man features moving performances, gorgeous cinematography, and sumptuous period detail. This film contains mature content.

King Bibi: The Life and Performances of Benjamin Netanyahu

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Saturday, July 13 | 10pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Dan Shadur | Israel, USA | 2018 | 87 min. | English, Hebrew (w/ subtitles) | Documentary

King Bibi explores Benjamin Netanyahu’s rise to power, relying solely on archival footage of his media performances over the years: from his days as a popular guest expert on American TV, through his public confession of adultery, and his mastery of the art of social media. From one studio to another, “Bibi” evolved from Israel’s great political hope to a controversial figure whom some perceive as Israel’s savior, and others as a cynical politician who will stop at nothing to retain his power.

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